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26 October
27 October
Procurement Week MENA Forum
28 October
Workshop A
Contract Negotiation:
Tools and Software
Workshop B
Outsourcing Excellence

29 November
Workshop C
Supplier Management

Workshop D
E- Procurement Implementation

Post-Forum Workshops

Wednesday | 28 October 2015

A Contract Negotiation: Tools and Templates

Understanding the difference between outstanding success and average performance

Negotiation is an integral role in any procurement function and contract negotiations are often the most challenging of them. There is a significant difference between those who are competent in the way they negotiate and those who are noticeably successful. The workshop explores the characteristics of those who achieve outstanding results from their negotiation performance and the reasons for their success.

Overview - The workshop focuses on three factors:

1. Behavioural traits of successful negotiators
2. The practical steps which procurement leaders can take to improve negotiating performance of their teams
3. The negotiating tools and templates that successful negotiators use to achieve their objectives

By attending this workshop you will:

Learn how to use two proven successful negotiation planning tools
Receive templates allowing you to compare your negotiating performance against those at some of the world's most successful organisations
Understand what the management team need to do in ensuring that all staff who negotiates on behalf of an organisation performs in a way which has a greater probability of success
Effectively incorporate the change process into your organisation's culture by working together your other departments and stakeholders

B Outsourcing Excellence

Turning failure into success

In recent years, organisations have outsourced more and more activities. With this comes an increased reliance on the service providers and suppliers. However, it is believed 95% of organisations are unhappy with their outsourcing arrangements. This situation must be improved. This workshop explores the significant role procurement can play in preventing problems and stimulating success.

Overview - The workshop focuses on three factors:

1. Identifying why current outsourcing arrangements are NOT of the required standards
2. What can be improved and how can it be done differently?
3. How to prevent and how to resolve problems as they arise.

By attending this workshop you will:

Learn the ten biggest reasons why procurement fails
Understand the series of steps that ensure there is a strong commercial/ procurement involvement from the start of an outsourcing initiative
Be aware of the warning signs associated with outsourcing problems and the actions you can take to prevent them
Take away a clear roadmap of the procurement actions that need to be in place to improve the probability of success.

Workshop A Leader:

Eric Evans
Evans & Associates

Post-Forum Workshops

Thursday | 29 October 2015

C Supplier Management

The most frequently encountered supplier problems and how to deal with them

Supplier problems can have even the world's most successful organisations in turmoil. This interactive and practical workshop looks at some of the common and most damaging supplier problems and shares approaches that are proven to be successful in dealing with them

Overview - The workshop focuses on four factors:

1. Maximising the buyer's pre-contract power in order to eliminate future supplier problems
2. Pre-empting and solving supplier issues by identifying and leveraging power availability
3. Steps that can be taken to 'operationalise' a contract in such a way that it becomes a practical tool for managing supplier performance
4.Optimising supplier numbers, allowing a focus on fewer, better suppliers

By attending this workshop you will:

Receive software which allows you to identify opportunities to improve you supplier assessment, monitoring and management approach
Improve your negotiating strength when resolving problems with suppliers
Take away a methodology which provides an ongoing end to end supplier management process

Workshop C Leader:

Ooi Tee Ann
Supplier Management Industry Expert and Practitioner

D E-Procurement Implementation strategy

Streamlining procurement processes and increasing efficiency and transparency

With procurement functions across the region striving to enhance their role within their respective organisations, the need for matching technology and information systems is pivotal in transforming successfully. Having the e-procurement systems in place is not enough, they need to be fully utilized and implemented to achieve maximum efficiency and save employees time for more strategic activities.

Overview - The workshop focuses on three factors:

1. Identifying the importance of e-procurement and the gains that can be made
with effective implementation
2. Making the initial steps to implementing an efficient e-procurement platform
3. Aligning employee capabilities and training to suit the ongoing and sustainable
use of e-procurement platforms

By attending this workshop you will:

Receive practical guidance on fully utilising e-procurement technologies to increase governance and control of your procurement processes
Learn how to enhance buyer and supplier collaboration through the use of available technologies
See real examples of organisations effectively implementing e-procurement

Workshop D Leader:

26 - 29 October 2015
| Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai, UAE
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